Jack of all trades, expert at none

Software Engineer, ACM Problem Solver, Music & Anime freak
Writes code in Angular 2, C#, iOS, Android, Java


About Me

I am a mobile app developer having expertise in native iOS, Android and Cordova. Though I started my career with web development (PHP), I am fully focused on iOS app development right now. Currently I am working on Enosis Solutions as a Senior Software Engineer and working on an mobile app being developed in both native iOS and native android.

I am very much passionate about problem solving. I have attained in ICPC regional contest when I was a graduate student. Still when I get some free time, I login to online judges and investigate any interesting problem to solve. I do participate on different problem solving site e.x codingame.com, codeforces,lightoj,uva etc.

I have little knowledge on Java and I love that very much although I don't work on it right now. I have good experience in web app development with Codeigniter, Laravel etc. I have also worked in lots of project of Joomla and Wordpress.

When I get chance, I love to share my knowledge. I use my Personal Blog for this purpose.

(2014 - present)

iOS applications develpment is the main concern of mine. Usually I write codes in Objective-C, but now-a-days Swift is also drawing my attention. I develop iOS application for iPhone, iPod and iPads too.

iOS Development

(2014 - present)

I love Java since I was a 2nd year student of B.Sc. All of my academic projects was written with Java. Now-a-days I am developing android applications too.

Android Development

(2014 - present)

Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have some work experience in Cordova too. Recently I have worked on a cordova application and already published to both play store and app store.

(2012 - present)

At the begining of my freelance career, I worked on Joomla a long time. On that time I have developped more than 5 Web Applications, lots of modules and components in Joomla. Vote Counter is an example of Joomla module which is being used for more than two years.

(2012 - present)

I have a good experience in developing desktop application using Java. I have delivered School Management System, Account Management System, Virtual NoteBook, Calendar with reminder facilities. To see some these Check my oDesk Profile.


Thanks to http://startbootstrap.com/ for this nice template.

Thanks to Shawon for Cover Photos and portfolio photos.

Thanks to Enosis Solutions for giving me chance to work on some awesome applications.

Thanks to ICTFAIR for instant domain and hosting support.

Thanks to my Family, each of the Seniors, Juniors, Clients, Forums, Google, Stackoverflow, Internet and everything around me for paving my way :)

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